Annual Cost of Education

Annual Cost of Education


$9,000               Head Start[1]  (Head Start is a half-day program)

$11,607            Montana K-12[2]

$18,029           Colleges in Montana State University (Bozeman, Billings, Havre, Great Falls)[3]

$55,140           Chief Dull Knife College (Lame Deer)[4]



There are 142,349 students in public K-12 schools.

There are 39,484 full time equivalent students in the Montana University System.






Click to access Ed%20Unit%20Funding%20Charts%20FY14-15.pdf

[1] Interview with administrator


[3] Legislative Audit Division, 2013 audit. Expenditures of $489 million. Subtract research and public service of $128 million. Divide by FTE students of 19,824.

[4] Audit: Expenditures of $6.286 million. Wikipedia: enrollment (FTE?) of 114.

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