School Numbers

School Numbers


$60,961           Average amount teachers make[1] in Bozeman.


$36,500           Montana average wage[2] in 2014. Weekly wage of $730 times 50 weeks


21                    Days per year a substitute covered[3] for the average Bozeman teacher.


$393.29           Teacher pay per day in the classroom[4].


$146.00           Montana average daily wage in 2013 ($730 per week/ 5 days)


10,645             K-12 public school teachers[5] in Montana[6]


  • Students per teacher; ten states have a lower student-to-teacher ratio


417                  Number of school districts in Montana[7] [8]


142,349           Number of K-12 students in Montana[9]


$10,710           Per pupil spending in Montana[10]


0                      Number of charter schools in Montana


8                      States without charter schools


$1.79 billion   Executive request for schools 2014-15 biennium[11], all funds



[1] BSD 7. AA districts would be higher than A, B and C districts. 2012-13 Teacher’s salaries, plus teacher coaching and curriculum development, of $23,259,991/ 393 FTE teachers= $59,185. Add 3% for 2013-14 contract= $60,961.


[3] Sick days, personal days, bereavement days, professional development, traveling with athletic or speech teams

[4] Contract of 185 days, less 9 PIR days, less 21 days of substitutes=155 days in the classroom. BSD paid $789,406.76 for teacher substitutes in 2012-13. Divide by $95 daily rate for a substitute=8,309 substitute days/ 393 FTE teachers= 21.1 substitute days per FTE teacher, or 11% of their contract.


[6] A slightly different number is given here:


[8] The most per capita of any state, including other sparsely populated states. This site,, is the basis for per capita comparisons though it gives a different number of districts.



[11] page E-1

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