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Adequacy of State Employee Retirement Benefits

Public pension benefits:


Amount[1] average full-career state government retiree gets per year,

not including social security:                                                 $34,308[2]


National average[3] social security benefit:                             $14,800 a year[4]


Add retirement benefit and social security benefit:              $49,108



Incomes of Montanans:


Montana median wage: $14.79                                               $29,580 a year


Montana average weekly wage[5] 2013: $705.                        $35,250[6]


Montana per capita income 2012:                                         $37,300[7]


Montana median household income:                                                 $43,226[8]







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[3] Social security benefit for someone who worked all their adult life and retired at 65: 41%[3] of past earnings. For teachers that would be $20-24,000 a year


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[6] for 50 weeks, 2.7% more than government retirees receive

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